Hello Friend!

I'm Becca and I am the person behind The Indie Image!  I have had the privilege of shooting hundreds of weddings since I shot my first in 2005, but I am still constantly trying to make better and better images.  As I have grown in my experience and skill, I have become more aware of the nuance involved in creating images that really speak.  It's an ever-evolving process, but so worth the chase! 

My passion for what I do is fueled by capturing interesting photos that make the viewer feel something.  I am not interested in making perfectly posed photos that are stiff and stale.  I want there to be life and emotion in the images I create!  At weddings I am looking for the smiles and laughter, the tears, the pouting flower girl!  At a family session, I want to see mom and dad playing with their kids, doing the things only they know will make them squeal with delight, and then capture those giggles (and tempers too!).  Hugs, kisses, snuggles, high-fives, tickles, piggyback rides, jumps, dances and the genuine enjoyment of each other are what warm my heart at a session.

A few more things I love?  Jesus, my fiancé, my family (including my 5 nieces and nephews!), good friendships, the Blue Ridge Mountains, adventure and travel, and horses! 

What do YOU love?!